The growing demand for fresh local food and the space to grow has jolted the agricultural industry into expecting a revolution. We are creating that revolution by offering state-of-the art products that are immediately ready for small to large-scale commercial deployment. Our dedication to cultivate plants by optimising and utilising space in the best possible way will prove to be cost and time efficient for you.
Our grow module is manufactured according to the latest technological features and requirements for your benefit. This surpasses other companies that may not be up to date with the most recent technology.



Our Grow Module is a fully integrated system that comes equipped with built-in patented LED horticultural lights, hybrid NFT & DWC system with integrated gravity-driven water circulation and can be converted between Constant Flow and Ebb & Flow.


THE DESIGN - A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

The intelligent design of the Grow Module is built from high-density food grade polypropylene. It is scalable up to 6 layers together with a customisable light to bed height to optimise plant growth at all life stages. The module gives farmers and researchers the flexibility to adjust cultivars based on market demand or research parameters. What is included: * Fully integrated features: Built-in electrical and plumbing systems to increase efficiency. * Built-in patented LED lights with optimised spectrums to support plant growth at all life stages. * Quick set-up and installation - Highly modular and versatile for any location under any condition. * Highly customisable and modular - to fit varying space sizes. * Our technology improves approximately 5% annually thanks to the expertise and dedication to our R&D. * Wide variety of crops that are not affected by weather or seasons.


FLEXIBLE. CONSISTENT. PRODUCTIVE. Our Grow Module can grow more than 300 varieties of crops ranging from whole head lettuce, leafy greens, culinary herbs, and micro-greens. Its dynamic ability gives farmers the flexibility to quickly adjust to changing market conditions and consumer tastes.



Our indoor vertical farming cultivation system is tailored to exact plant needs to enable optimum growth using less energy and resources. We thrive in supporting the growth of local food infrastructure along with sustainable, clean, and safe year-round food production.


Saves Water and Time

Our modular solution uses advanced hydroponic system that produces crops using 95% less water. It also reduces up to half of the cultivation and breeding time compared to conventional farming. With the help of our international breeding collaboration team, we are able to save up to 75% of traditional breeding time taken to deduce the best organic variety.


Better then Organic

Each modular set can produce up to 1.1 kg of fresh vegetables a day (or 33 kg per month of produce depending on plant variety). Every crop is free from environmental, seasonal, chemical or additive impacts. While some commercial organic farming releases vast quantities of carbon from the soil and can contribute to global warming, our products are soil-free as they receive specially formulated organic nutrients through a hydroponic system in a controlled environment. As a bonus, we produce the freshest harvest because all nutrients are 100% preserved!


Flexible and Convenient Application

Our Grow Module can be specifically installed to suit different operational styles, whether in mobile containers, aircrafts, ships, or small/ large-scale indoor facilities. The container type is specially designed to suit demand in areas where plants may be impossible or extremely difficult to grow or thrive: * In extreme cold (-40°C) climate * In extreme hot (desert) climate * In polluted areas such as mining regions * In high mountain areas (>5000m elevation) where the presence of air is scarce and * In remote areas, such as island & port