Without the sun indoors, the quality of light is a critical factor and having the right spectrums for indoor plant growth is just as crucial. Our LED technology is at the absolute forefront, directly supported by Sanan Opto-Electronics, the largest LED manufacturer in the world. All our products use highly advanced technology that improves approximately 5% annually so that you will maximise every feature for your benefit.




A VERSATILE LIGHT BAR FOR VERTICAL FARM AND GREENHOUSE GROWERS. Designed for both single and multi-layer cultivation system for close-range cold light illumination. * Low lamp surface temperature to avoid scalding the crop * Accurate lighting recipe for each crop to ensure high quality stable production * Suitable for leafy vegetables, herbs, tissue culture, propagation, fruiting plant, floral plant, tomato, tobacco, research model plant etc


A VERTICAL SUPPLEMENTAL LIGHT SOURCE TO INCREASE CANOPY PENETRATION. Designed for high plant crops to minimize self-shading. Near 360° full circumference and flexible suspension provide full range, uniform and efficient lighting to enhance crop yield and quality. * Address lack of light in lower half of the high plant crops * Suitable for cucumber, tomato, and other vine crops * Excellent result when used in conjunction with the HAWK Series


HIGH POWER HID REPLACEMENT FOR LIGHT-INTENSIVE CROPS. Designed for greenhouse, single- or double-layer light demanding crops. Built with high-quality aluminium alloy casing, coated optical glass and unique vertical grille heat dissipation for longer lifespan and greater stability. * Improves light utilisation rate by 20%-30% * Effectively enhance plant biomass and quality, shortening their life cycle * Suitable for indoor growing of leafy greens, fruiting vegetables, plant materials for scientific research such as tobacco, medicinal plant etc


THE POWER OF SPECTRUM-TUNING. Designed for photobiological research and special medicinal plants, integrating smart control of light quality, light intensity and heat regulation. * Compact design, use in single or networking * 6-band spectrum tuneable * Wireless control compatible with smart phones * Energy-efficient, greatly reducing the demand for heat regulation


THE FORM FACTOR THAT DEFINES "VERTICALITY". Built-in reflectors, designed for higher PPFD uniformity-optimised LED layout. * Profile at 2.6 µmol efficacy, PPF 1750 µmol /s * Flexible mounting scenarios * "Foldable" design with industrial-grade hinge * 3-pin dimming interface * Wireless ready IP65, UL 8800


We Produce Our Own LED Chips

Sanan Group, SananBio’s parent company, has built the infrastructure that allows SananBio to capitalise upon cutting-edge technology development while providing the production capacity to support global market adoption of their technologies in the Ag-Tech space. Our extensive expertise in advanced LED technology positions us at the forefront of the Indoor Agriculture Industry.


Highest Quality Assurance

Our LED horticultural lightings come with multiple spectrums available depending on specific cultivar to support and optimise plant growth at all life stages. Horticultural lightings of global top brands generally offer 3-5 years warranty. Our LED lights come with 5 years warranty with further energy saving up to 75%. All our LED grow lights are IP 65 rated for industrial reliability and easy cleaning purposes.


Inbuilt Cooling System Design

Our patent-pending medical plant grow lights come with built-in active air- or water-cooling systems (operating ambient temperature of -20-40°C). It can be put much closer to the plants without damaging them and are even cool to touch with bare hands. The cooling feature also means less extraction fans – saving further on energy costs. In most indoor farming, heat is considered waste and is removed by an air conditioner or fan, but we reduce the energy consumption associated with the removal of excess heat by not producing it in the first place.