By 2050, the future will be challenging if we do not act now.
The world’s population will reach 10 billion, which means 2 billion more people to feed.
We will need an additional 395 hectares of agricultural area (the size of India) to produce enough crops to keep up with this enormous demand.
But this will not be possible with traditional farming practices unless we seek efficient and alternate systems.

New Horizon Photobiotech is making headway to transform and improve agriculture by building environmentally responsible Grow Modules to enable sustainable local food production. We envisage that our growing communities will be fed with safe, nutritious and delicious food.


Our promise to you is that you will enjoy the most efficient and superior product as our technology constantly improves by 5% annually. With more than 20 years experience in agricultural technology, our passion is to share our knowledge on safe and efficient locally grown food. What gets us more excited is to show you the distinct difference in taste and presentation of food that is produced with our technology in comparison to traditional farm harvests.

Plant growth and nutritional value is fully optimised as we used our patented Horticultural Lighting systems that comprise the next level high-efficiency LED lights within a Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). An extension of our services is our Holistic Solution that is tailored to meet your individual and specific needs. No matter what your requirements are, our Holistic Solution provides you with detailed comprehensive guidance that is tailored for your specific needs.

You will be assured of profitable and low risk solutions with our partner company, SananBio U.S. to provide you cutting edge indoor farming systems and wholesome food.

We are the exclusive agent of SananBio U.S. and they are a team of Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) champions holding strong expertise in vertical farming construction and equipment, plant science, photobiology and the optimisation of cultivation processes. Working closely with its sister company, Sanan Opto-Electronics, the world’s largest manufacturer of LED horticultural lighting, SananBio U.S. is leading in science-based research and technological innovation in the Ag-Tech industry.

Together, we will empower a generation of modern farmers who will be responsible in the evolution of food production to protect future generations.